Who audits the IRS?

Yes, of course, the IRS is audited.  That’s the job of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.  This is an office in the Department of the Treasury, not an individual person.

We call them “TIGTA” for short.

TIGTA puts out some interesting information about the IRS from time to time, and this blog will cover some of their issuances.

Recently, TIGTA issued a report regarding an audit of the IRS’s internal e-mail system. 

They found that IRS employees did not always follow e-mail policies, increasing the risk of improper disclosure of taxpayer information.  The report explains, “Laws require that the IRS protect personally identifiable information and tax return and return information for several reasons: protecting privacy and because the loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of private information put individuals at serious risk for identity theft.”

TIGTA reviewed a random sample of 80 IRS employees’ emails send during a four week period. 39 of these employees sent 326 unencrypted emails containing 8,031 different taxpayers’ information.  Some of these were sent to non-IRS email accounts.

Taxpayer confidence over IRS’s control over e-mails is important to taxpayer confidence in the federal tax system.  The IRS’s reputation for privacy protection is critical and necessary for the IRS to perform its mission.

– Mark S Gleason CPA

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